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Artist, writer, engraver, restorer of murals and conservationist, Michael Collins has risen to the front ranks of wildlife artists. Collins is proud to have had President’s Kennedy, Nixon and Carter as collectors of his work. Most recently HR Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has added his work to her private collection.

His reputation is based on his ability not to just paint what he sees, but make it come alive. Collins will spend countless hours researching a project and the finished product is nothing short of miraculous. Very few artist’s go to the length and precision that he goes to ensure the accuracy and uniqueness of his work. Collins is known for hiding small details in all his work. From putting the time and date the project was completed on the face of the Rolex a man is wearing in a portrait Collins engraved on the man’s gun, to a flea on the collar of a commissioned dog portrait. Always striving for more, for one customer’s gun who wanted the locomotive engine his grandfather drove engraved, Collins put the locomotive number on the front of the engine, .020th of an inch tall. He wants to ensure that people truly take the time to look at his work and appreciate the amount of detail he goes to for their benefit.

Each painting or engraving is an expression of his authentic personal vision. The artist allows us to see beyond the familiar to the intricate patterns and textures of his subject. Collins is truly unique in his ability to do all aspects of art. Lifelike wildlife paintings, engraving, one of a kind knifes or guns, scrimshaw and sculpting. Very few artists have such a limitless ability to express their work. Being a world class engraver, his ability has not gone unnoticed. Collins spent years designing for Browning and is now designing for Fox Knives of Italy. His knife designs and cammo patterns have been sold worldwide by many other outdoor related companies.

Upon the recommendation of the internationally known artist, Athos Menaboni, Collins restored Menaboni’s murals in the RJ Reynolds Mansion on Sapelo Island Georgia, and Atlanta’s famous Peacock and Swan Houses. When Menaboni reviewed the work he could not tell which was his and which was Collin’s.

Always a conservationist, Michael Collins has devoted his time, energy and talent for environmental and wildlife preservation. Collins has donated many of his works to Ducks Unlimited, Quail Unlimited, and the Turkey Federation. His very first individual exhibit was in the Chattahoochee Nature Center, a facility in Roswell, Georgia which serves injured or orphaned wild animals and birds.

In addition to his phenomenal talents as an artist, Collins is a competitive archer, shooter, chef and even singer. A true Renaissance man and Southern Gentleman, Michael Collins will continue to produce works that will be unique and legendary.


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